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Get your drone in tip-top shape

for spring swathing!

Swath Gobbler


Ready to ship

Portable onsite swath sampling and processing system that analyzes the full spray swath, not just a few spray cards.  Using inexpensive calculator paper rolls and dye as a collector, The Swath Gobbler system quickly and precisely reads spray data and provides actionable outputs. Swath Gobbler™ gives you the research-quality data you need to be the best in your field. 

Finding swath with Swath Gobbler is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

Step 1: Spray blue dye on 3” bond paper (receipt paper rolls). Save your back and your time, quickly loading swath paper with our Speed Track!

Step 2: Scan the papers quickly onsite with Swath Gobbler™. All you need is a computer and a power source.

Step 3: User-friendly software processes data into actionable, visual report results

Drone sprays are highly variable. Without knowing swath, you have no idea what your real application rate is. Evaluating the actual spray is the only reliable way to understand the swath for a given use case ​(each spray's unique setup, environmental and canopy variables). Swath Gobbler helps you understand exactly how changes in use case affect your spray swath.

The Swath Gobbler system is easy to use and consists of three things: 1) the swath data collection, 2) the Swath Gobbler spray data acquisition device, and 3) the post-processing software. 

There are two versions of the processing software. Swath Gobbler Pro is the currently available version.

Swath Gobbler™ Pro (available now)

Single camera scanning and simple, easy to use interface gives percent area coverage and hits per unit area in a simple to interpret output report. All raw data is available for the user to use.

Best for: 

  • Applicators wanting to characterize swath

  • GLP field studies

  • Measuring nearfield drift potential

  • UAV/ drone spraying swath measurement & validation

  • In-field analysis of spot spraying systems

  • Best for drone contractors and educators

Swath Gobbler Scientific - Coming Early 2024

Using the same hardware, the Scientific Software upgrade allows parallel scanning with multiple scanner cameras for faster data acquisition.

Software also includes advanced data analysis methods. Swath data can also be combined spatially to provide 2-dimensional heat mapping of the field to show uniformity of application over areas.

Best for:

Test labs, registrants, university researchers, drone manufacturers

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